5 Most Disappointing 2018 Reads

2018 is over . . . I’m not quite sure how we managed to make it here already, but here we are. 2019 has begun, and I’m not prepared for it, but that’s okay … *internally screams*

Today I thought i’d quickly share with you 5 of my most disappointing or underwhelming reads of 2018.

  1. A court of frost and starlight  by Sarah J Maas


If I’m being 100% honest I hated this book. There was too much of Nesta in it (someone dig her a hole and just put her in it and leave her be… please and thank you). There was no plot. Most of the book was about buying presents and Feyre and Rhys just thinking of doing the no pants dance. It felt like an unnecessary addition to the series and I just don’t care much anymore??




2. Mirage  by Somaiya Daud



I read this book maybe 2 months ago and it was so underwhelming all I really remember about it is that I didn’t like it. . . It was a very meh book with meh writing and utterly boring characters.






3. Everless  by Sara Holland


Again, much like Mirage, I have forgotten a lot about this book. It was very underwhelming and unremarkable. The plot was predictable (though I have forgotten it now . . .), the characters were utterly two dimensional and I just did not care for this book.





4. The Start of me and you    by Emery Lord

22429350 (1)

I was expecting more from this book and I was just simply underwhelmed. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good. I don’t have strong feelings about this, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.





5. The way you make me feel   by Maurene Goo


After reading Maurene Goo’s other book,  I believe in a thing called love, I was so excited for this one. . . this one however, was a huge disappointment for me. I was so disappointed, I actually DNFed it because I could not stand the MC, the plot or any aspect of this book to be honest  . . .





What was one of your most underwhelming/disapppointing reads of 2018?


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