2018 Reading Goal Review

At the begging of the year I set myself two specific reading goals: Read 0 books and stop caring. At the end of 2017 I was starting to feel like reading was becoming a bit of a chore, making sure I was reading X amount of books to validate myself as a reader in the community. So for 2018 I set myself two goals to hopefully help me unwind a little and have more fun with reading again.

Well, this year, I can confirm I definitely read more than zero books. I actually can’t tell you specifically how many I read. It’s somewhere between 30-50. Honestly, I have no clue. This year I didn’t keep a close track on what I was reading. Sometimes, I’d update Goodreads, but most the time I didn’t.

Now, while it was freeing not trying to keep track and make sure I was reaching my goal, I will admit that now at the end of the year I’m a bit annoyed I didn’t try to keep track of my reading better. I don’t care so much about the number of books, but rather what author I read the most of, what genre I read the most of, the average rating I gave books etc. So next year I will be hopefully keeping a better track of what I read.

This year I also spent most of the year in a slump, which was not fun. At all. Between work and my never ending slump, I read far less than I would of liked. If I did pick a book up I usually only got about 200ish pages in before I put the book down . . . and then I’d not pick it up again. This wasn’t always because the book was bad, I was just in a slump.

To summarise, in some aspects this year was a great reading year. I reached my reading goals – yay! However, I spent most of the year in a slump. Either way, I did read this year and I liked most of what I read, and in the end that’s all that should really matter.

What were your reading goals? Did you reach them?


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